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100th Anniversary Advertisment

If you own a business and would like to purchase an Ad to be featured in our September edition of the Gaston Gazette, please contact Faye Houston, Brenda West, or Karen Turner.

Ad sizes and prices are as follows:

Full page 10×10 – $425                  Half page 5×10 – $325                           Quarter page 5×5 – $225              Eighth page   5×2 1/2 – $125                      Contact us with your information by August 7, 2017 and we will give your information to the Gazette for them to contact you about the ad and payment.

A note from the Pastor

Work Day at Church….

Thank you, thank you, thank you!! What a GREAT day we had on the 16th! Several months ago when we began discussing the idea of a work day it was said, “God’s house ought to be the best looking one on the block.”  From there the idea and the work list grew.  Not only did the work list grow; so did the sign-up sheet for volunteers to work.  Honestly I did not expect the number of folks we had who gave up their time…what a very pleasant surprise!

In case you don’t know let me just share some of the things that were accomplished: windows both inside and out were washed, gutters were cleaned out, lots of painting both inside and outside the church, weeds were pulled, cut and sprayed, tons of trash, worn out and obsolete items were discarded, the outside of the fellowship building was washed, bushes were trimmed and several storage rooms where cleaned out.  And like all good Southern Baptist men and women we ate! We enjoyed a healthy (just kidding) breakfast of biscuits, eggs, sausage, bacon & country ham…and I can’t forget the sweet rolls too! Then there was lunch with all kinds of sandwiches, chips & dip and that homemade chicken salad was AWESOME!

I hate to name names because as you know I almost always forget someone but I’m going to do it anyway and PLEASE…if I forgot you I’m so sorry in advance!

Thank you to BB, Sandra, Reggie, Ron, Faye, Joe, Evelyn, Amy, Grace, Todd, Christy, Jeff, Logan, Tyler, Everette, Ted, Ken, Mary, Zack, Ann, Marion, Randall, Dixie, Jackie, Raymond, Kim, David, Michael and Darrell.

Thank you all and may God bless you all for your time and efforts.

Pastor Tommy