From the Pastor: April 2016

Its springtime and I can’t help but wonder; have you noticed all the pollen yet?  I know, foolish question but I was just kidding anyway.  For us allergy suffers this has been a tough spring but this too shall pass.  While we dislike the pollen please take a moment to enjoy the spring because summer’s heat and humidity will be here before we know it. Remember spring time is one way God says, “Let’s do it again!” as the earth awakens from its winter nap.

Speaking of spring…what a wonderful Easter weekend we had!  We were spared the rain and the children (and adults) enjoyed the Easter egg hunt, lunch and other goodies.  Our Son Rise service was a blessing as we remembered that first Easter morn…praise be to God, the tomb where Jesus was buried is empty; for He is Risen! Thank you Ron & Ruddy for taking care of our breakfast too; we all appreciate what you did.   I really enjoyed the 11:00 worship service too; it was truly a special service and I know you were blessed by being here.  I want to thank our choir, pianist & music director for all their hard work in preparing for the special music; it was wonderful.

I also want to thank each and every one of you who helped us exceed our Annie Armstrong Easter Offering goal for North American Missions.  Our mission field continues to grow right here in America therefore continued support for missions here at home is important.

Thank you all for your support as we strive to do the Lord’s will here at South Marietta.  I hope to see you Sunday and be sure to invite someone to church!

Pastor Tommy


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