From the Pastor: January 2018

I know it is still officially winter but I wonder…has anyone besides me already started thinking about their vegetable garden?  One Saturday morning a week or two back it was a beautiful morning; the sky was blue, the air was fresh and crisp.  I wanted to go outside but I waited for the temperature to warm up and by the way; warm up meant a high of 24 degrees!  And please, let’s not complain about not having a winter anymore or global warming because it isn’t happening where I live.   Anyway, with thoughts of my garden on my mind I walked down to the shed and hopped on my shiny red tractor Karen bought me a few years back.  I turned the key and the diesel slowly began to fire; one cylinder at a time!  Finally the engine began to run smooth but for a while I thought, this thing sure reminds me of me trying to get going in the mornings.   While the engine warmed up I hooked up my turning plow and slowly made my way up to the garden.  I dropped the plow and honestly I think it would have turned asphalt up easier than the frozen ground.  After I finished plowing I went up to the mailbox and oh boy, another seed catalog.  Now I can go inside and while I thaw out I can look at all the seeds.  There are purple hull cow-peas, blue lake green beans, lady peas and all kinds of corn.  I began a list and started laying out my rows on my note computer.  Then I thought…of all the seeds we could ever plant the  best seed anyone can sow is the seed of the Gospel.    Are you planting the seeds of the Gospel; the good news about Jesus Christ and the salvation He offers?   God has chosen to use men and women like you and me to tell others about Jesus.  Let’s be sure to plant the seed of the Gospel every chance we get because someone’s eternity may be depending upon you.  Think about it!

Pastor Tommy

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